About Us

Edencroft Farm is a small Southern New Hampshire family farm specializing in high quality registered Shetland sheep. Our breeding goals are to develop calm, friendly, show quality sheep with excellent fleeces. Our animals are raised in a loving environment and are handled daily. All our sheep are vaccinated, wormed and routinely have their feet trimmed. We are also voluntary participants in the USDA scrapie program and a member of the NH Sheep and Wool Growers Association.

Many of our ewes are award winning fleece producers and we strive to pass along those genetics. Our entire flock produces fleeces that spin up into beautiful yarn of various colors.

People are often pleasantly surprised when they visit our farm and find out just how friendly our sheep are. Many of them will walk right up to you for a cookie and wag their tails when given a good chin scratch!

If you are considering starting or adding to your flock come for a visit. You will quickly discover why Shetlands are such a wonderful breed!

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