Thursday, June 21, 2012

(Tap, Tap) Is this thing on?

I set this blog up a long time ago and never did anything with it.  You know how it is - life always seems to get in the way of things.  The day-to-day is pretty busy here at Edencroft.  Both my husband and I have day jobs and when I’m not at work, I’m kept busy with the farm AND another website that I run –  

So you can see all the excuses I’m making as to why this little farm blog never got off the ground.  (That and I’m not accustom to writing in the first person!) Time to get off my duff and start blogging about my other love – Shetland sheep!

Currently, we have 8 Shetlands and I have been a shepherd for about 4 years now.  It has been a slow and steady progression from our original flock of 2 and I have learned so much along the way.  Of course there is always something new to learn and friends to make! 

I hope to get to know some of you fellow Shetland fanciers so feel free to drop me a line, or link to me from your blog and thanks for visiting!